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Where It All Began

Amy Kelly has always had a passion for selfless service. Her strength and weakness are compassion to all. Throughout life experiences, she grew a strong passion to help women and children; to make a difference in their lives. A difference that could show them they can accomplish anything as long as the drive and willpower to succeed was present.  

Once becoming a nurse, she has come into contact with many different people from many different challenges and has strived to touch their lives with a positive impact. Most nursing staff Amy has come across were single parents who were struggling to survive in the harsh economy. Amy, having worked for agencies, knew that a great source of supplemental income and setting their own schedule was working for an agency. This sparked her interest in founding an agency of her own, Trinity Nursing Staff. Her reasoning behind this was so she could personally offer a compassionate attitude that nursing staff meets and handles with daily.  


Amy and her husband, Marlin, founded Trinity Nursing Staff with God’s will behind every decision. They believe if they can bless those who are struggling or help someone get closer to their goals with Christ overseeing then they believe they have accomplished everything.  

Marlin & Amy Kelly

Owners & Operators

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