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Christina Reid, RN

"Trinity Nursing Staff is a Christian based company with an amazing leader. I can set my own hours and do what I enjoy. Amy has a caring heart and is a great leader to our team by the examples that she sets."


Sherie Puckett, CNA

"I work for trinity and love it even when shifts get canceled they always try to find other shifts that are available for you to get your hours Amy and Christina are amazing to work with and they only hire people that will 100% take care of the residents the way we are supposed to in my book this is the best agency I have ever encountered"


Bailie Elvin,


Working for Trinity has been by far the best experience for me. I’ve worked at many facilities but I really enjoy agency. Amy is very understanding when something comes up. I make my own schedule which means I can work as much or as little as I want which is a huge bonus as a mom as well. The facilities I’ve worked at are always super thankful for agency when we show up. All in all this is a great company to work for!


Cody Koehn, CNA

I started working for Trinity when Amy first opened and it's been nothing but awesome ever since! [...] This one was right on par with the others from the start and it's only gotten better! Employees are family to them and that is not an exaggeration at all. No matter the time of day or night you can get a hold of someone if you are having a work OR personal issue. They are genuinely concerned with your well being and that feels amazing! [...] This is very important because I'm a dad, I'm in school, and like everyone on earth, I have bills. [...] I don't know how to make it any more clear that trinity is the best job I've ever had and I've had them all!

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