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A Brief Overview of

Our Services

Trinity is focused on meeting the specific needs of your facilities. We will help you develop a customized staffing program that will meet your requirements and stay within your budget. We are dedicated to delivering the most superior care and services to your clientele. 

You, our potential client, hold all power in deciding how large of a role Trinity will have in your overall staffing program. Check out what services we offer and feel free at anytime to contact anyone in management for more information!

We are dedicated to you, your clients, and your needs. No matter the budget, time, or location, let Trinity be the support system you require.


When temporary staff shortages, staff illnesses or call-ins put you in a bind, or census suddenly jumps up, Trinity is available to fill in those last minute gaps.


If coverage for a temporary but extended period (4 weeks or more) of time, Trinity can provide staff on a contract basis. This type of arrangement can save significant money and time as well as improve continuity of care and effeciency in your operations.


Needing a new staff member to your healthcare team, you should consider our perm placement services. Trinity has a plethora of staff located statewide.


Seeking a permanent staff member but would like the opportunity to “try before you buy", a contract to hire arrangement is an excellent option to consider.  This is a great way to ensure a perfect fit! The staff member has, also, learned your residents! No orientation required!

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